116/365 – Tunnel Vision.

116/365 – Tunnel Vision.

Looking for ideas is like going through a tunnel where vision isn’t always clear.

In fact, you can’t always predict how long a tunnel is until you are in it and you start seeing bits of light coming through. Some tunnels are scary and some of them are way too long. Some, you wouldn’t even call them a tunnel, being as short as they are.

Ideas are like tunnels. We can identify them and almost touch them, but there isn’t always clarity on how far they are and how long they will last. Our task is to stay there, in it, and live it. Go through it, look around, live with the dark side until we get out of it and it reveals itself.

We know a tunnel always has another side so, why bother if we don’t see it right from the start? Be patient, trust the process and yourself, embrace the uncertainty with curiosity.
Ideas are right there at the end of it all.


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