112/365 – About Perfection.

112/365 – About Perfection.

While we do what we do we often wonder how it will look. We plan and design and iterate and create with the end in mind, with an image of the final result and how that will look like for us, for others, for the world. We look for a place to host our ideas and while doing so we picture our ideas taking a shape and becoming reality from the projection they were in our minds.

One of the main enemies of creativity might be perfection. And it could the best friend too!

I’m a big fan of “Good Enough For Now” and I will always be. But here I want to spend a few words on the concept of perfection.

Perfection can help us to elevate our creativity to a different level. It is through the seek of perfection that we give our best or at least aspire to that. Perfection helps us to set standards and understand limits, to raise our quality and our aspiration. Perfection sets the boundaries to our talent and helps us unlock gates of undiscovered territories.

We can always use perfection to elevate our work to something better, sooner and newer. We should be perfectionists in what we do and use it to understand where we want to get and how to get there. We should be driven by perfection until is not needed anymore, always keeping it close enough but on a side: let it be the passenger and not the driver.

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