107/365 – Like in a Fairy Tale.

107/365 – Like in a Fairy Tale.

Just like in a fairy tale, in our dreams, anything can happen. And since are our dream that translates into our reality, most of the times, it is important to believe in fairy tales!

This is the thing. Our ideas, our creativity, our deeper genius is rooted in our dreams, it comes from we are able to imagine that’s impossible because it happens overnight while we sleep or just during our day in a moment of mind travel. That’s the place where anything can happen, without limitations, without borders or rules. It can just be ANYTHING.

Isn’t that cool?

So, all we have to do is to leave space to those dreams and believe in them. Are they impossible? Who said that? What’s the latest dream you were not able to accomplish? Ask you then the right question: why didn’t it happen? Who wasn’t involved? What didn’t you plan on time and properly?

I’m convinced we can make anything we want. And this is not just the latest Adidas campaign (“Nothing is impossible!”) but definitely a thought about what is our attitude in front of possibilities. What side do we want to look at?


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