101/365 – Smilestones.

101/365 – Smilestones.

It is not about what you achieve as much as how you get there.

Milestones are a great way to add data to your CV but they are not what makes you what you are.

We need to be able to have fun with our problems and tasks. It is our duty to find a way to smile one more time, to others and to ourselves. There’s nothing that should prevent us from doping that.

So for me, it is about “smilestones”. It is about how much I can say I’m happy while doing something, how much fun I feel while doing what I’m doing. How much I make others smile with what I’m doing. And keep in mind a smile isn’t always a symbol of happiness: it is a sign of well being which is a sign of life.

Having ideas and, even more, making them become something tangible is a process that will bring to a smile, even if it started from the saddest song (that often happens too me, at least). Put down your smilestones an achieve those; they don’t end up in a CV but they definitely make you a better person.

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